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For a clear vision of your administration and accounting!

Are you a busy Small Entreprise Manager who don't want to worry with accounting matters? Do you need help reorganizing and structuring your accounting? You are at the right place! 

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Who is Accounteve?

It's me: Eve Ouellet, a girl who thrives on projects!

Passionate about numbers, administrative management and quick envolve environments, I need professional challenges to be happy. Having worked in different business sectors, I have developed over the years an ease to quickly get a good overview of a business, which gives me the ability to target what can make administrative and accounting systems in place more efficient and in ''no paper'' mode.

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Why choosing

my services?

First of all for saving a lot of time: no worries about establish, understand and manage all the accounting aspects of your business because I will be beside you for one or all the steps according to your needs so you become functional and efficient quickly. You will be better aligned and focused on reaching your goals.

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Ce que je t'offre....




Whether for reorganizing your business, for helping you cope with its growth or simply to follow the digital timing, why do not take the opportunity to integrate new processes and go into ''no paper'' mode ?

From entering your daily transactions to set up your file for your accounting firm at the end of the year, it will be a pleasure for me to take care of all or only a part of your accounting cycle as per your needs.

  • Customer and supplier accounts management

  • Government reports production

  • Bank accounts reconcile

  • Month-end financial statements issuanc

  • Administrative and accounting staff supervision and recruitment


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